Evertech undertakes projects that have to do with the construction and completion of homes, luxury residences/hotels  and professional spaces. We are by your side from the initial stage of architectural plans to the delivery of the project.

Through the esteemed network of partners and associates that we have created throughout the years, we undertake the management of privately owned land with the aim of using it to the most optimal way in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our Vision


Our vision is to keep delivering projects of architectural and constructional perfection, while respecting the natural and social environment. After all we want to engineer your vision on strong and solid foundations for your family and/or professional needs while using resources in the most efficient way in order to decrease costs as much as possible, without compromising the end result.

Our Mission


As a customer-centric company, our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction while at the same time following all standards and regulations. We believe that quality, safety, reliability and integrity are key for success and customer satisfaction.

Our Values


In Evertech we believe that in order to be successful there are some core values that ought to be taken into consideration in the properties’ development. These core values are quality, responsibility, functionality, operational reliability and professionalism.