Undercut residence in the area of Aleomandra, Mykonos.

A breathtaking undercut residence, a blend of modern design with a whisper of tradition, seamlessly integrated into the Myconian landscape.

Undercut residence in the area of Psarou, Mykonos.

Private residence in Elia.

This high-end private residence seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements. Urban design, inviting ambiance, and luxurious details radiate a blend of elegance and comfort.

Choulakia, Mykonos Villa Victoria (new construction).
New two-storey summer house with a swimming pool.

Villa Arion (new construction). New two-storey holiday house with a swimming pool.

Construction of two new residences with building permits in accordance with the Law regarding undercut residences in the area of Elia, Mykonos.

New two-storey undercut residence with swimming pools, and a water tank.

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