Our Services

What We Do

MEP Engineering
In Evertech we provide high quality Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering, which are of utmost importance in the process of construction as they assist with decision making, cost estimation, the administration of construction, building management and lastly, after the delivery of the project with the building maintenance.
Architecture & Structural Design

We are able to create any design required, whether it is a new building or a change/addition/renovation of an existing building.

In the process of architectural design we take into consideration all regulations and legislations, while supporting everything with solid structural design in order to support all constructions.

Project Management

Construction project management involves the effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk, risk management, procurement execution, contract management and completion of a construction.

Evertech is by your side in every step of the process of construction.

Before construction services we:

  • Preparation of the budget and create all tools necessary in order to ensure that the project will be delivered in the agreed time-frame and budget
  • Advise you on contractual strategies
  • Thoroughly review any designs in order to ensure that the end result will be what you have envisioned while ensuring its solid constructability

During construction services we:

  • Closely supervise the progress of the project in all stages
  • Undertake document controlling and quality assurance

After construction services we can help you with the maintenance of the building.


Residential Buildings

We undertake all stages of the completion of residential building, from the purchasing of the land to the final stage of selling the residences. Our mission in the development of residential buildings is to create safe living environments using sustainable building practices in order to enhance economic growth for solid foundations for you and your family.

Indicative Services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Property Acquisition
  • Residential design & Permit Approvals
  • Construction Project Management

The long experience we have in construction guarantees high-level design construction and consultation services. We want to be the best in our field. We take the final result seriously, thus continuous improvement of our services and cooperating with specialized and experienced construction crews and partners.

  • Private Residences
    We deliver projects of high construction safety, functionality and quality, while being within budget.
  • Professional Spaces and Hotel Renovations
    We have great experience in the construction of professional spaces and hotel renovations. We provide complete solutions, from design, licensing and construction to ensuring the function of the project.